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Often the best way to learn how to use a program is by applying it to an ongoing project with a deliverable in mind, and a schedule in place.   In these situations, your clear and specific goals dictate the aspects of what features and functions of the software are important to you.  This hands-on form of learning is very effective.

Thermoflow personnel can help you learn how to use the software suite, while simultaneously getting some of your work done.  You provide the project details, and we provide the software know-how to finish the project, or at least get you pointed in the right direction.

Depending on your needs, these sessions can be held at your facilities or ours.  Typically between one and three days is needed, depending on the particulars of the project. Attendance is limited to your company's personnel and invitees.  Although the group size is up to you, we find it most effective if there are no more than two or three attendees. Naturally, your project details remain confidential.

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