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Thermoflow offers a variety of software training programs to suit your needs.  Course content, schedules and registration forms are available on the linked pages.

Standard Training - Scheduled week-long sessions covering all programs. Sessions are held at various locations around the world during the course of the year. Content designed to give attendees the necessary understanding to effectively use Thermoflow software in business activities. This course has been held over 180 times and attended by more than 1500 engineers since the early 1990’s.

For the Standard Training schedule, click here

Advanced Users Workshop - Intended for experienced users of GT PRO, GT MASTER, THERMOFLEX and PEACE who wish to improve their usage of the entire suite and acquaint themselves with some of the programs' newer and more advanced features.

Custom Training - Held at your facility and for your company’s personnel and invitees. Course content is based on the standard training, tailored to your specific needs and goals as appropriate. Training sessions are from two to five days depending upon content.

Collaborative Session - Held at your location or ours.  This session will simultaneously train your personnel to use our software whilst making real progress on a project you need to get done. You supply the details of the project, and collaborate with Thermoflow staff to work it through using the appropriate Thermoflow tools.