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HASP Device Driver Troubleshooting

A Thermoflow-supplied USB hardware security key must be attached to your computer to run Thermoflow software. In order for your computer to detect this key, a key driver distributed by the key's manufacturer (Thales) must be installed on your computer. Additionally, your computer must allow this driver to communicate with the key.

The software installation package downloaded from our Service Center includes a version of the requisite key driver. When the software is installed, an attempt to install the key driver is automatically initiated, which may be unsuccessful on occasion.

To check whether you have a key driver installed on your computer, open an internet browser and go to http://localhost:1947 (this link should take you there), and you should see a page called the Sentinel Admin Control Center as pictured below:

Sentinel Admin Control Center

If you do not see this page, then a key driver either isn't installed, or isn't functioning.

The key driver can always be acquired from Thales' website and installed manually as follows:

  • Click this link to download the Sentinel HASP/LDK Windows GUI Runtime Installer.
  • Extract/unzip the downloaded file, and run "HASPUserSetup.exe" to install the driver.

If the link above doesn't work:

Thales Drivers Page

  • Click on "Sentinel LDK RunTime & Drivers"
  • Look for "Sentinel HASP/LDK Windows GUI Runtime Installer 8.xx" on the list (or whatever the latest version happens to be) and click the link.

Thales Drivers Page


In all cases, your computer must be configured to allow unrestricted TCP and UDP traffic to localhost port 1947 to ensure the key will be detected and function successfully.

The steps you must take to satisfy this requirement are highly dependent on your computer's firewall and/or anti-virus program(s). Therefore, we cannot provide specific guidance on how to configure your computer to grant the access required. If you are uncertain how to proceed with this, please reach out to your IT department for assistance.