Design & Simulation of Renewable Energy Systems

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This user friendly, fast and efficient tool is intended to be “the GT PRO® of new energy”. Released in September 2018, NOVO PRO allows you to design and simulate systems comprising solar PV fields, wind farms, batteries, pumped hydro, hydrogen storage and production, and traditional thermal power units.

NOVO PRO allows you to design and simulate a single plant with any combination of these resources, or a larger grid containing multiple resources with different performance, such as Solar fields or Wind farms in different locations and with differing irradiance and wind patterns.

Since the process of designing and optimizing these new complex energy systems is intrinsically intertwined with their operating cycle, the design process in NOVO PRO is integrated with the simulation process, with both based on computing annual system performance on an hourly basis for the entire year. The program provides a range of operating scenarios on how to operate these combined resources to meet the demand load.

NOVO PRO contains elements of Thermoflow's PEACE module, and provides capital cost estimates for all represented plant types. For any combination of generation resources and operating scenario, it rapidly computes annual performance, including fuel consumed and CO2 emitted by any included thermal units. Results include annual cash flow and financial pro-forma, aiding informed decision making by planners and operators of complex, multi-resource energy systems.

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