Thermoflow's comprehensive suite is an Expert System with a vast built-in knowledge base.

It helps you to create a new power plant optimized both technically and economically for your own unique situation. It empowers you to take charge, judge your options on their merit, and avoid being steered towards cookie-cutter solutions that may, or may not, be the best for your application.

The system will automatically, and within minutes not days, create for you plant configurations and technical parameters that suit your criteria. For each of your plant options, and for each variation within each option, the system will:

  • Accurately compute thermodynamic performance;

  • automatically create detailed, physical preliminary designs for all significant components and piping;

  • automatically create cost and labor preliminary estimates with detailed breakdowns for your entire project;

  • compute economic results, such as ROI and NPV, based on your energy prices and annual operating profile;

  • provide over a hundred pages of detailed outputs comprising detailed heat balance diagrams, environmental impact, equipment specs, cost breakdowns, and economic performance.

Thermoflow's expert suite accomplishes all these functions easily and seamlessly; the fruit of over 350,000 hours of top engineering talent and meticulous development over thirty years.

The suite's unique, highly automated logic allows users of all levels of expertise to rapidly, accurately and professionally create useful and practical plant designs. It should not be confused with commonly available “heat balance programs” which demand highly experienced users to invest many tens of hours painstakingly supplying myriad details, just to create a single, functional model of a pre-defined plant.

The Thermoflow suite includes two parallel approaches, to serve all users and markets. On one side, Thermoflow offers dedicated expert programs, one set for gas turbine based plants only, and another set for conventional steam plants only. On the other side, Thermoflow offers a single general purpose program which, on its own, covers gas turbine based plants, conventional steam cycle plants, and a lot more. The dedicated expert programs (PDE/GT PRO/GT MASTER; STEAM PRO/STEAM MASTER; RE-MASTER; and NOVO PRO) are unique in the industry, and do their specialized job far more effectively than any other program, especially when developing a new project starting from scratch. The general purpose program (THERMOFLEX) is closer to other commonly available tools on the market, except that it too, especially in combination with the optional PEACE module, embodies built-in knowledge and logic that make it easier to use, more accurate, and more comprehensive than any other program available on the market.