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Thermoflow is the leading developer of thermal engineering software for the power and cogeneration industries.  Since 1987, Thermoflow's software product line has grown to become the most popular, well-proven, and comprehensive system available today.

Thermoflow is a stable, profitable, entirely independent company which has never received funding from any source other than sales to customers who find real value in our products, every day.



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October 1, 2021 - NEW NOVO PRO Video: Renewables, Storage, H2 Production - Hybrid System Modelling, Simulation & Optimization



May 17, 2021 - Learn about Modelling Decarbonization Technolgies



April 1, 2020 - Version 29 Release



April 11, 2019 - 'Design of Gas Turbine Combined Cycles and Cogeneration Systems' book now available free to current Thermoflow customers